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About Us

Samarth Magna Group

Samarth Magna Group of Industries was founded in 1995 by a group of foundry professionals with a desire to offer innovative solutions to ensure customer success. Since inception, the group has developed a number of innovative products and solutions for foundry & related industries to meet the needs of customers. We focus mainly on developing-manufacturing critical and challenging products according to specific requirements of customers. Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest amenities to ensure that we produce high-quality products aimed at delivering customer satisfaction.

The group is active in following business segment:

  • Premium quality Resin Coated Sands.
  • Lustrous Carbon Former.
  • Alloy & Blended Inoculants for Ferrous Foundries.
  • Exothermic & Insulating Sleeves for Ferrous Foundries
  • Anti-veining compound for critical cores in the foundry
  • Shell-Moulded Machined Cast Components for Automotive Industry
  • Medium range (50-500 Kgs) Machined Cast Components for Non-Auto OEMs

The group has 10 manufacturing units. The backbone of our group is our cohesive, dedicated & skilled workforce of over 400 people. All units in the group are ISO 9001/2015 certified.

Samarth Metallurgicals

Samarth Metallurgicals, a part of Samarth Magna group, specializes in manufacture of premium quality of resin coated sands under the brand name Samarth Coated Sand. Different grades, designed for various applications are presently being used by reputed foundries in India.

The design and manufacture of Samarth Coated Sand is based on expertise developed over twenty five years in the fields of foundry technology, process control and R&D activity in the field of shell molding, core making, PF resins and sand processing.Our technical team has acquired thorough understanding of base sand, resins, minerals and foundry process intricacies. With this expertise, Team Samarth has successfully solved various problems in core making process in foundry industry. The technical expertise is complemented with a sound infrastructure, strict process discipline and quality assurance which ensures that the benefits achieved by the use of Samarth Coated Sand are consistent and everlasting. All manufacturing units of Samarth Coated Sand are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our group has state of the art infrastructure for reclamation of waste sand, sand segregation, hot coating process and warm coating process for manufacture of resin coated sand. A very strong and skilled work force assures consistency in quality of Samarth Coated Sand. In addition, we have dedicated resources for anti-veining and anti-fusion additives.Needless to say, Samarth Metallurgicals is blessed with many major manufacturers of critical castings like cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, hydraulic castings, and turbine housings etc. as our customers.


Samarth Metallurgicals has a vibrant workforce comprising highly qualified professionals and highly skilled and experienced workmen with an average experience of over 2 decades in the industry. Proud of its track record, the organization has never had to suffer the loss of a single man hour due to labor unrest or other employee related causes. Clearly dedicated to both clients and employees, Samarth Metallurgicals offers its customers a reliable and stable ground to support their business.

Samarth Metallurgicals

Our Leadership

1. Sanjay Karkhanis

A technology graduate from India's premier institute at Kanpur (I IT) in Metallurgy. At Samarth group he oversees Casting defect analysis, foundry processes such as methoding and metal filtration, and development of resin coated sand. By the virtue of analytical thinking and methodical implementation he has been hailed by National Centre for Technical Services (NCTS) as its Member of expert panel. Many a well-known foundries take his expert council for Process control and improvisation.

2. Sunil Battase

He has specialised in Chemical Technology at UDCT Mumbai while pursuing graduation. Along with his core mastery in foundry sand binders and development of resin coated sand, he also adds grace to the management bandwidth of Samarth Group with his administration skills and operational expertise of ISO certification. Many a well-known foundries take his expert council for Process control and improvisation.

Our Strengths

Thorough Understanding Of Casting Defects And Their Root Causes

Expertise Developed On Sand Processing Including Thermal Sand Reclamation.

Premium Quality Raw Material Sourcing.

Manufacturing Facility Having Flexibility To Cater To Varying Customer Requirements.

Comprehensive QA And R & D Facilities Including Product Performance Testing In Our Own Foundry.

Special Purpose Sands Developed To Cater To Your Unique Requirements

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Our Exclusive Products and Solutions

  • Complete solutions to problems related to shell sand.
  • Exclusive RCS grades for critical applications such as water jacket cores, cylinder head cores, highly critical hydraulic applications.
  • Lower expansion RCS grades to overcome veining defects.
  • Anti-veining compound from Prince Minerals, LLC, USA, for various applications in coldbox, no-bake, shell cores to eliminate veining/fusion defects.
  • Special RCS grades based on Chromite Sand, Ceramic Sand, High Strength Low Density Sands.
  • Sand for 3D printing.

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Get in touch with us for Customized Sand Grade Solution

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+91 9922930766