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Resin Coated Sand Manufacturer in India

Customized Grades of Resin Coated Sand for Your Requirements

Developed for critical mould and core applications, SAMARTH COATED SAND is our brand of premium quality resin coated sand. A venture by practicing foundry personnel to cater to the needs of foundry industry for critical applications of resin coated (pre coated) sands. Samarth Metallurgicals, a part of Samarth Magna group, specializes in promoting innovative products, concepts and services in foundry process. Samarth Metallurgicals specializes in manufacture of premium quality of resin coated sands. Different grades, designed for various applications are presently being used by reputed foundries in India.

Expertise & Technical Backup

The design and manufacture of Samarth Coated Sand is based on expertise developed over thirty years in the fields of foundry technology, process control and R&D activity in the field of shell molding, core making, PF resins and sand processing.


" To ensure sufficient flow of material adequate capacity has been built and at the current level the capacity is 50000 metric tons per annum "

Cores made with Samarth Coated Sand

Resin Coated Sand Manufacturer
Resin Coated Sand Supplier
Resin Coated Sand
Resin Coated Sand for Water Jacket Sand Core
Resin Coated Sand
Resin Coated Sand for Water Jacket Sand Core
Resin Coated Sand for Thin Walled Core
Resin Coated Sand

Speciality Grades of Resin Coated Sand

Samarth has developed its VFT range of Samarth Coated Sand to eliminate veining and fusion defects in defect prone castings such as cylinder heads.

  • Samarth Coated Sand for molding application which gives excellent surface finish.
  • Samarth Coated Sand with controlled build up to give light weight hollow cores with improved collapsibility for aluminum foundries
  • Special grades for manufacturing steel castings.

Why Choose Us for Resin Coated Sand

Thorough understanding of casting defects and their root causes

Expertise developed on sand processing including thermal sand reclamation.

Premium quality raw material sourcing.

Manufacturing facility having flexibility to cater to varying customer requirements.

Comprehensive QA and R&D facilities including product performance testing in our own foundry.

Special Purpose Sands developed to cater to your unique requirements

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Applications of Samarth Coated Sand

Samarth Coated Sand VFT range with resistance to metal penetration and core cracking Reduced gas related defects. Elimination of fusion / metal penetration For critical cores such as water jacket cores of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks
Samarth Coated Sand high cold transverse strength Reduced mould/core dilation. Resistance to bending/cracking For castings requiring better dimensional accuracy. For bending/ cracking problems
Samarth Coated Sand with high permeability Faster rates of gas evolution. Lesser gas related defects For CI cylinder blocks/ cylinder heads
Samarth Coated Sand with specific grain size/shape and size distribution Better grain packing for superior surface finish For shell moulded castings requiring superior surface finish
Samarth Coated Sand having extra ordinary reproducibility Better reproducibility of fine edges and marks For small components and magnets, copper based alloy castings
Samarth Coated Sand having better collapsibility Quicker knockout of cores during de-coring For aluminum gravity die/sand castings such as cylinder heads
Samarth Coated Sand having controlled buildup Reduced core cost and improved de-coring due to hollow core making For aluminum gravity die/sand castings such as manifold

Five Reasons to Choose Samarth Metallurgicals for Resin Coated Sand

  1. 1) Defect Diagnostic Support

    SAMARTH COATED SAND is backed up by support on defect diagnosis and product selection. Our technical team at SAMARTH extends your cooperation during all stages of establishing the product.

    This would include
    • Understanding your foundry practice,
    • Suggesting process improvements in shell core/ mould making,
    • Selection of an appropriate grade of Samarth Coated Sand,
    • Validation and verification of results and establishing consistent core making/ mould making practices
    This would effectively help your foundry in reducing the costs by minimizing process wastage.

  2. 2) Material Resources

    Samarth uses high quality base sands (silica / quartz, chromite, zircon, alumino silicate. ceramic sand etc.) and also thermally reclaimed sand. PF novolac resin and hardener from internationally reputed manufacturers are used in manufacture of Samarth Coated Sand. This helps to maintain consistency in quality of Samarth Coated Sand and ensures continual improvement in product specifications, resulting into a product which is superior to other brands of resin coated sand.

  3. 3) Quality System

    Samarth Metallurgicals was awarded ISO 9002:1994 certification in May 2000. Subsequently, all manufacturing units have been accredited ISO 9001:2015. Quality Assurance and design departments form the backbone of the consistent quality of Samarth Coated Sand and the group enjoys confidence of more than 80 reputed automotive and nonautomotive foundries.

  4. 4) Production and Process Capability

    Samarth is equipped with thermal sand reclamation, semiautomatic sand segregation and sand processing system and sand coating facility that can produce 60,000 MT Samarth Coated Sand per annum. Sand coating facility includes warm coating process as well as hot coating process.

  5. 5) Commitment to Quality

    Manufacture of Samarth Coated Sand undergoes stringent Quality Assurance tests throughout the process, right from receipt of raw materials to testing of final products. This ensures right quality every time. These tests are listed below for your reference.

Following elaborate tests are carried to produce Samarth Coated Sand having excellent features and benefits

Silica Sand
1. Purity 2. Grain shape 3. AFS number
4. Grain size distribution 5. Clay content 6. Chloride content
7. Carbonate content 8. Bulk density -
Resin and Hardener
1. Solid content 2. Specific gravity 3. Viscosity
4. Refractive index 5. All coated sand properties -
Samarth Coated Sand
1. AFS number 2. Grain size distribution 3. Hot tensile strength
4. Cold transverse strength 5. Scratch hardness 6. Loss on ignition
7. Gas evolution 8. Peel back 9. Stick point
10. Hot cracking


What is so different about resin coated sand manufactured by Samarth Metallurgicals ?

Our resin coated sand is designed to yield maximum benefits for your casting process for critical component manufacturing.

Samarth Coated Sand manufactured using premium quality base sands resins from internationally renowned sources, in a state of art plant which ensure highest quality and consistency.

Why I should pay premium for resin coated sand manufactured by Samarth Metallurgicals ?

Our resin coated sand is designed to yield maximum benefits for your casting process for critical component gone for consistency in turn reducing your total cost of production.

We charge you moderate premium for cost of highest standards of inputs including manpower, machinery, materials and elaborate quality control measures. The moderate premium however will give you benefits in multiples of the premium.

What is the clay content in the base sand you use ?

It is less than 0.5% normally. However we have installed dust/clay removal online equipments where in it is further reduced up to 0.2%.

How do you ensure smooth supply of raw silica sand which is vital for quality resin coated sand ?

It is true that sand sourcing is a critical issue in resin coated sand business. Realising this we have engaged best source of sand suppliers for which we pay premium. On the other hand around 60% of our required volume is available through high quality reclaimed sandHencewe are assured of smooth input supplies all the time.

What is the average lead time required for resin coated sand ?

Average lead time required for first bulk trial lot is about 3 to 4 days from completion of trail order formalities. Once the trials confirm performance as per requirement subsequent supplies can be arranged within 48 hours of confirmed order/schedule.

Can you accept annual order for resin coated sand ?

For yearlyorders we have to provide a price escalation clause wherein we approach our customers in case the input cost variation affect our operational cost by amount more than 3%.The documentary evidence is provided with 15 days lead time to amend the order.

In case we plan to buy more than one grade from you, what are the precautions taken by you to avoid mix up ?

Each & every bag of our product has traceability up to batch no and date. In additions we sure that the packing type for different grades being supplied to same customers are different. Further sand can be coloured as red ,green and regular to extend the identification up to core making stage.

Our Exclusive Products and Solutions

  • Complete solutions to problems related to shell sand.
  • Exclusive RCS grades for critical applications such as water jacket cores, cylinder head cores, highly critical hydraulic applications.
  • Lower expansion RCS grades to overcome veining defects.
  • Anti-veining compound from Prince Minerals, LLC, USA, for various applications in coldbox, no-bake, shell cores to eliminate veining/fusion defects.
  • Special RCS grades based on Chromite Sand, Ceramic Sand, High Strength Low Density Sands.
  • Sand for 3D printing.

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